Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Big Day in the Baggett Household

Today was a big day in our lives. Dominique was invited to go for an hour of kindergarten in preparation for the fall. She has been looking forward to it for months and allowed me to help her coordinate her outfit. Usually she wears this dress with loud, patterned pants and shirt and bright red socks. There is good reason why her uncle Ian knicknamed her "Cindy Lauper". She had so much fun and said she wasn't shy and said her name was "Dominique Baggett". She will be in class with her cousin Kellen and with another friend of ours on her soccer team and I'm sure she will quickly become friends with the others in class to.

In Ivan's world, he earned us all donuts for desert tonight. That was our family's way of celebrating his grand finish for his reading road. It ends tomorrow and he read no less than 300 books for it! He wants to do a few more tonight and make it 303! It's pretty amazing how his reading has improved since the start of it and it's been so fun to listen to him and share my love of reading with him.

Other news in Fort Qu'Appelle. The pelicans are here. They are so incredible. Here was the clump of ones I could fit in the frame that were soaring over our street when we came home one day. I couldn't count them all, this was about half of them that time. The geese make lovely sounds too and this robbin raised some babies in our front tree. A blackbird family raised some baby birds too, but they were too high up for us to see.

Janet and I took our kids to see the lake the other day. It's still very high, but the playground is slowly drying out and I scored an adirondack chair that had floated in. Janet actually spotted it, but she just got deck furniture, so she let me call dibs on it. I'll need to sand and repaint it as it's swim caused some water damage to the wood, but it's still sturdy enough and with another board and some care, it will make a great addition to our slowly forming up back yard. I got to put in a flower garden by our front window thanks to a friend who gave me some sections from some of her perrenials. I'm hoping they take ok. They are still looking a bit shocked with the move.


Nana said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your hour at school. I know you'll have a great year next year.

Ian said...

That robin's eye is looking at you suspiciously.

Janet said...

Funny that you were allowed to coordinate her outfit! We are glad that Dominique and Kellen ended up in the same class!

Anonymous said...

Miss bird watching. Our trees are far from being homes to birds. :( Go you on the chair!