Thursday, June 23, 2011

School is very nearly, almost out!!!

Only a few more days of school left! The kids are so totally excited about the upcoming Wood Tick festival- basically an all school carnival. We got to go to it last year. Dominique has already picked out her and Emora's outfits (I told her Emora can pick her own clothes). Dominique gave me instructions to wash her chosen outfit on Monday so that she can wear it Tuesday to the festival! The girls and I went to the little awards ceremony today. It was very sweet. Every kid got a certificate and the joy on their faces was priceless. I like it that way- sometimes the ones with the most troubles at school had to work the very hardest and they should be applauded too. Ivan got his award for academic achievement. I'm afraid he is going to be very lonely for his school friends, but most will be around some through the summer, so we'll have to do play dates and we have grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins coming for visits, plus we'll go to stoon for a week, so hopefully it'll be lots of fun and a chance to be us again without the school schedule.

Our latest project was a compost box and we've got it half full already! I asked my neighbor for his grass clippings yesterday and now there is tons of material in there! The grossest part is actually not the decomposing materials, but the fact that Saba thinks it's her personal snack bar. She keeps trying to dig her way in, sometimes succeeding. The good thing in that being that she turns it for me!

Ivan has one last soccer game tonight and Dominique on Monday. They had canceled the windup last week when the weather turned crazy. We've had rain nearly every day for a while and the water is seeping up into our unfinished bathroom downstairs, so now it's a bit of a disaster- all the more reason to get it done!

Wow, my littlest daughter has got ATTITUDE! She just told Dominique to "go to your room for 30 minutes." She also cried the full 15 minute walk up to school this afternoon because I took the wagon instead of her stroller up- the reason being that Dominique's stomach hurt so she couldn't ride or walk and it was a much too beautiful day to drive. Then again, she can be so wonderful- handed out hugs and kisses and saying "It's OK" whenever anything goes wrong for someone other than her.


Davis Family said...

We can't wait for school to end. Yeah for summer break!!

Anonymous said...

What was wrong with Dominique's stomach? mom

Ian said...

It sounds like Emora is her own person. Three more days and school will be out for me too. Let's see...I started school in 1954 and finally getting out 57 years later!!!