Saturday, June 18, 2011

A perfectly beautiful day!!

Well it looks like soccerfest was canceled for naught. It turned out to be a gorgeous day! A little on the windy side maybe, but warm, sunny and no rain. Who would have thought after the crazy storm that rushed through here yesterday? Oh well, it's not all awash... with our day off, we got to sleep in some, stay up last night watching videos and Brian has been working on getting my window paintings hung, which I have been looking forward to for ages!

He removed the old windows from the basement and I painted them. We are going to hang them in the tall stairwell that I really don't like. Then I plan to paint some more in the stairwell when I can see what else is needed. I'm looking forward to it.

Only one more week of school, then a Monday with report cards and the Wood Tick festival. We got to go to it last year and it was a total blast. I'll for sure be taking the girls there for a day of fun. It will be weird going to it this time and having our own home to go back to!


Ian said...

We finally got some rain here.

Nana said...


Anonymous said...

Brian must be cold,hat and hoody up.