Friday, June 17, 2011

Wild & windy wet weather

The weather has been CRAZY here today. It's been rainy and windy, in Abilene, this would have been the perfect recipe for a hail storm, but I'm thankful we don't have ice pummeling our new plants.

On the down side, our big soccerfest tournament has been canceled. I was looking forward to it! ah well. Ivan's team is going to play the other Fort Qu'Appelle team their age and that is fun too.

I always found it cute how the boys on the teams were so competitive and the girls always seemed to be having impromptu tea parties (minus the tea of course).

The season was short- only 2 months with 6 games, but that is perfect in my opinion. The kids attention span is only so long anyways. I wish every activity was like this. I would love to have just 2 months of dance at a reasonable price, art classes or guitar lessons... for a couple of months then a break to be able to do other interests.

Everything is winding up, school is very nearly done, I'm taking a break from Reading and Rhyme Time at the library and we will soon get into our summer grove, which I've never had before actually, so we will see how that comes along. But I'm sure it will be quite fun.

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GMS said...

Sounds like you & the kids could be real Renaissance scholars if you followed that schedule.
Remember you have NY grands coming in July. I'll need some insight as to what to bring.