Thursday, June 09, 2011

dandelion mayhem

We have been enjoying getting outside now that the weather is gorgeous. It's mostly gorgeous anyways. We'll have a couple of hot days and then a rainy day... which means that our yard is growing like crazy. Our new grass from seed is sprouting up, some of the flower seeds and the new trees are looking good. Unfortunately I have also realized that most of our backyard is weeds. The dandelions look all pretty yellow, but when they died off, you can really tell that there is little grass. Which by the way, these pictures were not taken in our yard.

But then again, all those weeds give us a good excuse to get out in the sun and pull them up all afternoon, kick around in the pool or enjoy the great outdoors- the sound of geese flying by and the majestic pelicans that soar over our street. There were no less than 30 flying in big loops over our street the other day when we got back from dropping Ivan off. The were amazing!

Ivan is having so much fun at school. He got to go on a field trip to the science museum and Imax movie in the city. Dominique also got her invitation to go for an hour of kindergarten this coming week. She is so happy about it.


Ian said...

Flowers for mom!

Anonymous said...

Make jelly out of those dandelions. I posted a recipe the other day on Facebook. ;)