Sunday, March 20, 2011

We got a ton of snow today and Spring is tomorrow!

None of us were very impressed when we opened the curtains and saw feet upon feet of snow piling up and blanketing the landscape in blinding white. So in honor of spring's supposed start and it's actual absenteeism, I am posting pics of Emora climbing the quinzee. The kid's were sliding down the side of it and some other things were sliding down too.

Made me roar with laughter. I couldn't even figure out which picture to post because each one made me laugh so hard, so you get them all!

Back to today's snow... it was actually very beautiful. It was a fluffy snow, so soft to walk in and the temp at right about freezing, so warm really. Ivan and walked downtown while the girls and daddy stayed home to recouperate from a cold. My work schedule is nice too. I do my big clean on Sundays, but in the afternoon. I like being there in the day. It's sunny, I get to walk and still feel like I have the evening off.

I hope for you that what at first appears to look grim turns out pretty nice after all, as it did for me today.


Nana said...

This is just to funny or words. I guess she didn't notice the breeze from the back door! Our day has been 180 degrees from yours. 80 with lots of sunshine and low humidity, and good chats with the neighbors. That's pretty good stuff.

Ian said...

They were saying on the news that there was a bigger moon that was about to show!

Davis Family said...

Oh gee - HA HA HAHHAAA!! The kids think I'm crazy sitting here laughing! Talk about freezing your a_ _ off! BWAHHAHAHA.

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