Friday, March 25, 2011

my date

I've been reading a book called the Artist's Way and it is totally rocking my world and giving me a better perspective, healthier inner journey, deeper connection with the Lover. One of it's recommendations is to have an artist's date once a week, all by myself, something that will recharge me. I had a lot of angst over this at first. In Abilene, I had time for me once a week- it was swimming, but since I don't have a pool here, I haven't found a substitute and thus haven't had time alone really.

I felt so bad leaving without the kids and I'm not all that sure why, because Brian is always going on walks or doing what he needs to stay sane. So one Sunday afternoon, when it was particularly glorious out and warming up, I took a walk, for my first weekly Artist's date.

Picnic season is not quite here yet, but I took a hot coffee and my book, some writing materials and sat by the lake.

It's not quite as energizing in the winter as the summer, but I had so wanted to see what my favorite spot looked like in full blown snow. It was pretty white, blinding actually. But the snow formations were fascinating and I was quite entertained to see the crazies out there ice fishing.

See them now? They drive their trucks out there! Can you believe it? I heard a guy lost his truck when it sunk here last year too. I bet the won't try that again, at least not with that truck!!

They weren't driving over here either, where it never freezes close to the damn. The light was dancing all over that water.

Everything looked so different in winter. The trees looked smaller, the path shorter, and I noticed all the different hues in the scrub brush, reds, yellows and browns, poking out of the white.

It was lovely...

On another positive note... Brian got a job at Rona. We just bought the last big expense for the basement (carpet) and hired some other guys to install it!!! YIPPEE! Almost done. I also got some material to make more curtains. We'll still have plenty of little things to finish up over weekend projects and so on, we will soon sit in our doubled in size home and just enjoy it ;)))))) Of course, then spring will really be coming and we'll want to work on the yard!! hee hee


Davis Family said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful date. Good for you.

Ian said...

Ft Q. was on the news...something about a diesel train idling for three days in town and not moving and finally moving a bit out of town to sit and idle.

Seattle Real Estate said...
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