Monday, March 28, 2011

Almost moved in!

I can hardly believe that after nearly 8 months we are very nearly moved in! Yep, it's taken us a while. Actually I should really say that after nearly 8 months, the renos are almost done. In one week some wonderful people are coming into our home to install carpet ;) So glad we are getting to have other's do it. Brian is starting work this week on Wed. We will still have some left to do (ahem, HE will still have some left to do), but it will be close enough to start moving kids into their rooms.

He'll still have baseboards, and the bathroom to pretty up and get flooring, then some stuff he wasn't able to do when winter set in like put wells in to keep the dirt away from the new basement windows, caulking outside, our outside doors need some paint or more serious facelifts.

I am so looking forward to not being packed in like sardines and being able to unmess the kid room. The clothes are just piled all horrid in the closet as we wait on space to come.

Spring is taking it's sweet time to show up. Meanwhile, the kids are longing for time with friends, as are we. It's a bit hard to make friends here, but maybe once we all come out of hibernation some new relationships will spring up too.

We are thinking about doing soccer for the big kids... ah, lots of changes.


Kimberley said...

I'm glad the house is nearing completion. All that's left in ours is the kitchen. Of course it's taken us 7 years to get this far. By the time we're done it will be time to start again!

Nana said...

RELIEF!! More space!! There aren't enough words to say all you want to say about the extra room. Kids are still "snuggly cute".

Davis Family said...

In our house when there is work to be done I say that 'we' plural spells Wes. Nice eh?

jenn with two n's said...

Always work to do in a house. So glad you are nearing moving in time for the kids and their rooms. Love these pics and the subject matter! We too are done with winter. I love time outside--and so want Isaac to really enjoy his first spring and summer....soon. Hoping to maybe see you soon too? Love you! Glad to see the girls in their flower clips!

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