Monday, March 21, 2011

Our first day of Spring is still pretty white

Today is supposedly the first day of spring, but just when we were thinking spring may actually come, yesterday we got dumped with 7 inches and they say we could get another huge dump tomorrow. Winter can't stay forever though. It's not far from 0 Celcius and the streets are like a giant brown slushfest. These pictures were taken from a few weeks ago, before the thaw started.

Excitement in our life: I bought ripped jeans, because my jeans had ripped, then got home and cut my old jeans up and used some of their material to patch my new jeans up. Wrap your head around that one!

Other excitement: Ivan decided to make supper the other night. He picked out a recipe from his kid friendly recipe book. He chose egg salad sandwhiches. Then Dominique wanted to make something so I guided her to make spiced corn and red pepper. I also made homemade fries to go with it all. The kids were so very excited to make supper "all on their own" and determined that it was our best supper ever. The good news is that Ivan has now decided that he LOVES egg salad sandwhiches. This is a huge relief because he has gotten pickier and pickier about his lunches and we had few options left, so now we have something new to add to the rotation. The bad news is that with all that help, I was in the kitchen for 1.5 hours instead of the usual hour or less to make dinner. Ivan wants to make supper every Sat. and Sun. but I don't think I'm up for it!!

The girls are still snotty and Emora's cough is getting thick, so I think we'll be home another day, which sucks. We're getting a little stir crazy, but I can't complain, we haven't had colds or flu in a year!


Ian said...

I like your snowman.

GMS said...

Keep an eye on that thick phlegm
and cough. You may need to take advantage of that free health care.

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