Monday, March 14, 2011


My last photo from the trip to the Muirhead farm. The kids really loved feeding one of the horses. I think it's always amazing to be by these massive, beautiful creatures.

Here's another beautiful creature.

I just found her so adorable and tiny sitting on the counter, having a little cup of "tea".

Spring is really here and it's delicious! Everyone keeps warning us that winter will have to have a final say and that there is typically another blizzard that comes through this month or next, but for now, the snow is melting, water is running down the street, the sun is shining, I got to wear a lighter jacket and played outside with the kids 2 days in a row. Yesterday we had a snow ball fight and then mommy mode kicked in. I went "treasure hunting" and not a fun kind. A winter's worth of dog poop was surfacing in the melt, so I figured I should try to throw it out while it was still easy to get rid of. Today, the girls and I made a final snowman. When we'd come home, his ears and nose had fallen off, so Dominique tried to stick the nose back on, only she pushed too hard and decapitated him. It was pretty hilarious.

I got to go on a walk yesterday by myself. It was so nice. I went to the lake, so I'll have to post pictures of my little adventure. I think I found my knee solution. Just go for it, take a couple of Ibuprofen when I get home and it was ok today. It hurt some at night, so I should maybe take something before bed too, but hopefully this means it's on the mend and just needs to strengthen back up. I have been scared to try skating again though. It felt so wonderful while I was doing it, but I paid for it the entire next week. Maybe I should have tried the ibuprofen!


Davis Family said...

We are so excited to have spring too. My spirits are lifting daily. God bless you guys.

Ian said...

I hope that your knee heals quickly. I have been having a problem with one heal on my left foot and it has been 10 months and it is still not better, only slightly better.

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