Monday, September 15, 2008

a good day

Here are some more pics from this last week. The kids enjoyed the petting zoo at the fair and "flew" their kites some with daddy and grandpa when I was at the hospital with my friend.

Speaking of, I had a doctor appointment today since my last appointment was in the middle of finding out my friend had lost her baby and my blood pressure was all crazy. It was fine today and she said that I'm measuring the right size. The baby's heartbeat showed up right away, which I didn't even need to hear since she has recently become my little inner gymnist. I know she's been moving all along, but now I'm really feeling her. Brian even got to feel her moving this morning. Next step is to get the kids to feel it. This is not so easy, since the baby is still pretty small (about 1 pound and 12 inches) her movements are not huge, but little jabs and with the kids hands being so small, they can not feel as big a surface at once, not to mention that they only have patience to wait for about 5 seconds, so to coordinate born's hand and unborn's jabs is not an easy affair. I can actually remember feeling my brother move in mom's tummy. I remember the awe of it, the excitement and mystery. I'm sure it's part of the reason I love to feel those movements still today. I have one more "in four weeks- appointment", then it's a 3 week, then 2s and 1s!

Sometimes I wish I had a recorder so that I could catch all the snippits from the day to post. Like weird questions you've never heard before.
Here are two questions Ivan asked me today.

Remember that I am now sporting a good sized belly, Ivan scraped his knee all the way at the end of our 3 block long street and asked me "Can you carry me while running back to the house?" Of course every child is convinced that moms are superheroes in disguise, pregnant belly or not.

Top question of the day: "mommy, how do I change my tongue?"

Grandpa explained that Ivan had asked what flavors were and that they discussed how one's tastebuds change, which brought on (hours later) this totally out of the blue, without my prior knowledge, unanswerable question.

Some days mommas just have the best jobs. Ok, everyday we do, but some days it just doesn't feel like it.


Ian said...

Maybe he has learned some bad language and now wants to speak better. Maybe his tongue was wet and he wanted a dry one. Maybe he saw the colour of his tongue after eating blue candy and now wants another colour. Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question to me.

Olivia said...

So cute.

Keep thinking about the e-mail your sent me about lineage. God is so amazing sometimes, even in the hidden jewels we discover.

GMS said...

Dominique looks fascinated by what Grandpa is drawing. Lots of fun times!