Saturday, September 20, 2008

The helper, the princess and the goof

Dominique has definite ideas on fashion. She usually wants to wear her fanciest clothes everyday, saying "that's cute" as we peruse her closet's offerings. Girls clothes are a lot harder than boy's which can cause great suffering on the part of a two year old who has her heart set on pink polkadotted pants and red striped shirts or other such nonsense. I try to tell her what goes and what doesn't. Sometimes it works. If she wears her fancy clothes, I insist that she has to have a fancy hair-do, fancy as in more than just a comb through. Every morning we negotiate on the hair. She often demands "1 hair bow, just one".

She loves to wear her underwear, but is having some probs. in keeping them clean and dry. She had gotten really good at #1 and no good at #2, so we went back to diapers and have just started trying again. Now she is not very good at #1 either. I make more valiant efforts on the days when I just have her and Ivan. Potty training is a bit too involved when I have the foursome. But it would be soooooooooo super awesome if she got this doing pat by the time our next baby arrives.

Ivan is such a good helper, for the most part of course. There are times when he doesn't feel much like helping, but most times he wants to have a part in things. This time, he wanted to help wash the dishes and was not at all impressed that I was trying to video the action. He's growing up so fast and I'm so amazed and in love with him. He's acting very mature in conquering his fears and overcoming his potty issues. The other day he put his face in the pool again (meanwhile Dominique was leaping off the sides by herself and going completely underwater, but she's a different child entirely and Ivan's brave efforts and water initiation was a big step for him.)


GMS said...

You have such insight into your two very different children. I'm sure that will help them to develop into all they are capable of being with God's guidance.

Ian said...

It was good to see you and your family today on Skype. Imogen said something like "umpa" to me and Jennifer and I both heard her. She was looking right at me when she said it. Exciting huh??