Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fair parade and grandpa time!

We took the kids to the parade last Saturday. The kids liked the bands and all the action. Dominique really enjoyed anything with a flag on it and clapped a lot. Ivan's favorite is still the street sweepers- which is absolutely hilarious. Everyone else is packing up and leaving and Ivan is eagerly looking for and jumping up and down at the sight of the sweepers.

The greatest excitement came Wednesday with the arrival of Grandpa Ray from New York. We let the kids stay up late and go to the airport, which is being remodeled. Poor grandpa was waiting on us. The internet said he would be arriving 30 min. late, so Brian bathed the kids before we left, then we had to wait on a shuttle bus since the parking area is being redone... to come to find out that he had arrived early.

The next day, I was in the kitchen and grandpa was on the phone trying to find his missing luggage when I overhear Ivan yelling out to the neighbors that his grandpa is here and telling them all about his arrival and missing suitcase (which has since arrived). The kids are chasing grandpa around the house as I write.


Ian said...

The other grandpa is jealous; I wish I could be there more often. Dominique has a good sense of timing.

Olivia said...

LOVE the street sweeper photo! That was my favorite! LOL.

GMS said...

I'm sure the grandmas are jealous, too. Distance is difficult, especially when it comes to grandchildren. Just wish it was within driving distance.

Have all the fun you can,