Sunday, July 06, 2008

welcome home

It was weird going back to my parent's house without my husband and kids- a little like going back in time. I had great rest while there, slept better than I have in 4 years (when I started having kids and sleep was forever altered) and had a blast seeing and getting to know my cousins better at our reunion in Edmonton. I also got to see a school friend in Calgary during a four hour layover. We were in classes together from Kindergarten through 12th grade--- Kimberley Dart!!!

I arrived in Saskatoon to be greeted by mom, Jenn (my sister) and Imogen- my niece who is so fabulous and managed to get into nearly every picture I took. My nausea and busyness had effectively kept me from thinking too much on our next baby, but being with Imogen reminded me of the joys of that first year. She is starting foods and babbles up a storm, smiles, coos and loves attention- which we all love giving to her.

Pics include my sister, her husband- John and baby Imogen, my brother, my dad and mom and I.

I'll include more pics from the trip as I have a chance to post, but have to tell you about my warm welcome home. I was descending the stairs to the baggage claim when Ivan spotted me- he instantly grew the biggest smile and ran to me across the room with his arms outstretched- made me cry! I had pictures of them and of course never forgot them, but somehow he and Dominique looked older, their hair a little longer. It was like I refound my life with them. Dominique looked stoically at me and wouldn't even crack a smile. I told her "you do remember me right?". I think she did since she crawled into our bed at 4am and kicked us for an hour while trying to lay right on top of me. She would have wiggled and kicked longer if Brian hadn't hauled her out of there and back to her room.

OK- back to my warm welcome. Brian was in the airport with the kids (of course) with tulips (nice surprise) and I felt so loved and welcomed by them. Ivan grabbed the tulips from his dad and thrust them to me, never saying a word. At some point, Dominique discovered her vocal cords and rattled off complex sentences. I am sure she grew up several months during my 11 day leave. I was quickly reminded of the nature of our lives as the two serenaded Brian and I on the way back to Nana's with their duet- repeating over-and-over "yucky, yucky, poopy-- hahaha" or something like that.

We're pretty tired. The kids didn't nap well and became increasingly unruly and disobedient as the day wore on, but we are home now. Everything is alive- even the garden and Brian picked two ice-cream buckets full of peaches from our peach tree. Apparently the birds have been feasting on them, but we got home soon enough to have a few too. Finally a crop to eat!

I'll have the foursome again tomorrow, so don't expect too many posts right away. Gotta get my land-legs again.


Ian said...

I'm glad that you got home safely. I already miss you Angela; it was great to have you home for a short while even though you didn't bring the rest of your clan with you.

GMS said...

I was surprised to actually see a post so soon. Good to hear from you and all about your great welcome home.
Great to go and great to come back, as usual.
Enjoyed the pictures immensely.

@mber said...

Hey Angela,
It was so good seeing you!

Pamela said...

Even though it was brief I was glad I got the chance to see you and hug you while you were here.

Davis Family said...

I cried over your welcome home too!! How sweet!

Barbara said...

We were really happy to have Brian and the kids for the week. Went by too fast. We really appreciate all of the things Brian did while he was here. Loved seeing the pictures of our Canadien family. Nana