Thursday, July 17, 2008

some pics from my Canadian holiday

sorry it's taking me a while to get back into the swing of things. Last weekend, Ivan came down with fevers, so we camped out at the house and tried to get him well. I had the extra boys in the early part of the week, when I discovered that Dominique now has it. She is a tough cookie and I now wonder how many times she has been sick without me even realizing it. I took them swimming and she said she was cold, which first made me wonder if she was coming down with it. That evening I came back from water aerobics and she was eating pizza and seemed hot, so I took her temp and she was 103! At 103 Ivan would be moaning and barely responsive on the bed, but Dominique was eating and running around. That night, her back and forehead were cool, but I felt underneath her and felt heat. So I thought I should take her temp. just to make sure she was ok and she was at 104! I've never had either kid get that hot. So I gave her medicine and bathed her down with a wet cloth. She cried that it was cold, but when I told her it was all done, she immediately stopped crying and went back to sleep. She amazes me, but it's taught me to watch her because she may be hurting and I don't know it.

Then Brian got it and now I'm not feeling so good. We're getting a bit sick of being home bound.

So, to give us some relief, we look over our pics from my holiday. Ivan just watched some videos of grandpa Ian and one of my uncles telling stories and he thought that was awesome.

The retro pic above was found in an album at my uncle and aunts', my brother Andrew,

Here's John (my brother-in-law), Andrew (my brother) and Corey (my cousin) playing the wii Mario carts or something like that. We played the wii, karaoke, wii fit, and dance, dance revolution- very fun for all, both participating and laughing at each other (um- I mean admiring each other's skill).

aunt marj and Imogen.

the Medicine Hat MacLeods who now live in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Swift Current and, Camrose.

Uncle Duff, Robin and Sarah.

A couple of strange creatures in a zoo exhibit.

the boy cousins: l-r Andrew, Corey, Robin and Sion, missing is Everett (who had to leave early) and Kelly.

the girl cousins: l-r Jennifer, Cayley, me, Rhian, Sarah, Amber and Rhian's dog Archie that flew all the way from California for the special occasion. missing is Krista. Genetics is so fun, especially in my family. Notice how all my cousins (blood related first cousins) are blond hair and either green or blue eyed from my dad's side. On mom's side they are all 5 shades darker than me.

the brothers- uncle Duff, dad, uncle Pete, missing is uncle Archie


@mber said...

I live in Camrose and it's Sarah with Uncle Duff and Robin... not me.

Angela said...

oops, sorry amber, I posted this after trying to upload all my pics to facebook, tagging them and all the names started to run together! I can remember Vegreville real easy, but keep forgetting Camrose!

Carebear and Firestarter said...

such nice pics of all the fam. I didn't even think to take pics that day, but it would have been cool to take some of us girls with my sis to blog it heh? Hope your all feeling better soon

please tell andrew that my sis and I can't get to his blog. can you get there?

Davis Family said...

Sorry to hear that you have all been sick! That is super yucky!

Andrea said...

Haha! Sorry that I laugh but Ivan is so typical man like. Guys are all the same all over the world. They have fever, they moan like they dye. (I know that having 103 can be dangerous and I don't want to say you shouldn't worry or that I wouldn't worry. Just generalizing here.) Girls are different, they take it and keep walking. :D If men would have a bad week each month like women do, the world would stop turning during that time. ;)

Because of that fact I don't wonder about her reaction too much. Brave little girl.

Nice pictures btw, and of course I hope you all do better now.