Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Baggett funnies

Upon my return to the States, we celebrated Dominique's birthday- many times. A couple of times in Houston, before we left, and in Abilene. Each day she was getting cards in the mail and when the actual day of her birthday arrived, both she and Ivan didn't believe me that it was still her birthday.

Mom- remember that lip gloss you gave Dominique for xmas? I bet you didn't know it had color in it. Well she loves it, as you can well see.

After lunch, Dominique was told to go clean up the mess she had made with the crayons. Ivan came in calling out: "Dominique is not cleaning up the mess, she is sleeping". Some days I feel exactly like that too, Dominique, ESPECIALLY on house cleaning day and rarely when I'm reading a good book.

Big Buddy, our 91 year old neighbor often saves treats for the kids from his meals on wheels. He saves his cookies (which he can't eat) and his fruit (which he doesn't eat). He also gets candy from time to time to give them. So every few weeks or so, he opens up his fridge and presents them with loot. They get so excited! They are even excited about the fruit- which I think is so sweet.

Ivan is taking this having another baby thing seriously. The other day at the dinner table he posed a possible dilemna. He explained to me: "Mommy, when the baby comes out and you go to swim class, daddy will have me, Dominique and the baby. How will he do it? We need another friend like you." So then I said, "what about when daddy goes to work and I have the baby, you and Dominique, will I need help too?" "no"- he said.


Davis Family said...

Ha ha - Ivan has the world figured out! That is so fun. Go IVAN!

GMS said...

I think Dominique also has the world figured out. If you don't want to do something, just go to sleep and have Mom take your picture because you look so cute. Although, hopefully, Mom left the mess for her to pick up when she woke up.

Ian said...

Have you heard the expression. "A man works from sunup to sundown; a woman's work is never done!"