Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Dominique!

Dominique is on my lap right now singing happy birthday to herself. She wore her birthday crown this morning during breakfast and has been all excited about the many cards she has received. Each time she gets one, she carries it around all day.

She is definitely a little character. She found some of her clothes to grow into and put a shirt over her head like a scarf and one as a skirt. The "skirt/shirt" quickly fell off but she wore her "scarf/shirt" the rest of the day. She is seen here with her new clothing trend and an overgrown squash from our garden. The skin was too tough to eat, but the inside flesh fed the bunch of us!

I've never seen anyone eat food like our daughter does. While Ivan would prefer just plain bread and nothing on it, Dominique wants just the insides- well that is if it is a peanut butter concoction. I made them peanut butter and peach sandwhiches (with peaches from our tree!!) and in her typical fashion, she opened it up and ate out of the middle. This time, she just ate all the insides. Usually she takes one bite out of the middle of the bread or tortilla, whatever the case may be, leaving it with a hole in the center.

As you can tell, her way of eating can get very messy.

Thanks for the phone calls and singing, the cards and birthday wellwishes. I'm about to crash and I'm hoping Dominique will too. Ivan is already in bed. We did errands and when we got home, I discovered that he has a low grade fever and he is complaining that his eyes hurt. Hope we don't all get it.


jenn with two n's said...

Happy Birthday Dominique--we love you inside out! Auntie Jenn, Uncle John and cousin Imogen

Kimberley said...

Happy Birthday Dominique!!! I'm sorry I forgot to send you a card this year.

Barbara said...

I know you really enjoyed all of your Birthday Parties. Maybe not as much as that peanut butter sandwich. It's gotta be the fresh peach. Love you. Papa and Nana

Ian said...

Happy Birthday Dominique from Grandpa Ian and Grandma Ruth.