Sunday, July 13, 2008

Beautiful Canada and my budding toddlers

This last trip to Canada, I was struck again with how beautiful it is. I felt like I was enjoying a feast for the senses. The trees, big skies, flowers and lushness was breathtaking. The smells were delicious, cool, refreshing with hints of lilac, pine trees and northern grass (yes, the grass does smell different here). When I left home, my parent's acreage was still quite desert like, despite all our efforts. Mom always said we would appreciate all the work of planting and watering trees, hoeing, mowing grass... some day. I guess now is the day. Their acreage is so peaceful and a great place for gatherings. They had a bonfire party the night I came and made a huge fire with everyone sitting around it, visiting, singing and snapping pictures.

Here are some pics from my parent's place and the tiger lilies at Jenn's house.

From the kid files, Ivan has been fighting something all weekend. He had really high temps last night, but is better this morning. His feeling yucky has affected his appetite, but not his talking. He still talks up a storm. He is funny in that when he refers to something in the past, he always uses the expression "remember LAST YEAR when..." even if it was last night. Everything in the future is "NEXT WEEK". He also loves to eat "yogrit" (yogurt).

Dominique is in potty training mode. She went #1 twice in the potty yesterday and a few times in her big girl underwear. She loves wearing them, but I have also started letting her go naked once I've washed out a couple of pairs. Today she went #2 in the potty mostly. It's pretty exciting. She has her own cute words, like "waffee" (coffee).

What is the most beautiful thing or place you have seen this summer?


GMS said...

To answer your ?'s: (which hardly anyone does any more)
Most beautiful thing -- children in general - just precious -
grandchildren in particular

Most beautiful place -- the sky - galaxy - went to a planetarium recently and it is amazing what God has "out there".

armacleod said...

I hope to see Andrea this summer so she'll top my list of most beautiful person ;) Seeing my family over the holiday is in that list.

But the most beautiful thing....

Saskatchewan Sunsets.

The moon in the daytime on Saturday.

Nin said...

was so neat to see you!

Ian said...

I was glad to have you home for a while.
The most beautiful thing? There are too many to recount because each thing that is most beautiful at that moment is often fleeting and is soon overtaken by another most beautiful thing. A caress by a loved one's hand, visiting with friends over a meal at a restaurant on Sunday, your mom's array of lilies in full bloom, a daughter coming home to visit, a hibiscus flower (that lasts only a day or two) . . . I could go on and on . .