Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get your fill now

For those of you who don't know yet. I am going to be on vacation come Tuesday. I am going to Stoon and Edmonton for my cousins reunion. Yipee! I'm so happy. The kids and Brian will be on vacation too in Houston at Nana's where I'll be flying out from and arriving. So, I'm not sure how much I'll be posting from now until I get back the 6th of July and even that week I may not get to it until near the end of it, since I will need to get groceries and will be back keeping the boys Mon-Wed.

All of that to say that I'm getting you your fill up with this marathon of pics. and videos.

Last week, we played camping out. This is why moms never throw out much, even old sheets can be a treasure trove of fun on an unbearably hot day. We camped out pretty much all day- fishing, building fires, reading, picking berries, going on hikes, swimming in the lake, seeing deer drink by waterfalls... At one point I told the boys to go pick berries for breakfast to go with the fish they had caught and Ivan said: "yeah, and I'll pick some vanilla ice cream". He came back with a round toy that was our ice cream and let us taste the delicious treat. You didn't know ice cream grew on trees did you? They grow right next to the trees with money on them.

I told Dominique to pose for this with her hands on her swayed hips and an attitude. She's such a comic!

Speaking of, Brian found them today stuffing their shirts with lego pieces. They said they were pregnant with babies. All we need is more pregnant people in the house! Luckily their pregnancies were short lived.

We attended another birthday party this weekend. They had a trampoline which the kids loved and they had ordered up this huge air castle with a waterslide. I was surprised that Ivan did it. He is usually intimidated by lots of people and something new like this. But he went on it numerous times until he was shivering from the cold water. Dominique, who usually loves such grand adventure was a little over her head. A bigger kid helped her up there and down, but she screamed and cried the entire way- as did others her age. I'll give her a year and I'm sure she'll be right there with the rest of the big kids!

This picture is just hilarious. Dominique was yelling at Ivan to be careful on the slide and some other incomprehensible instructions. See that finger pointed! She's going to be someone to reckon with I tell you. It really is beautiful how Ivan and her watch out for each other.

That's all for now. See you again when I next get a chance to post eh?


GMS said...

We can never "get our fill". Always checking to see what's new.
We will be praying for your trip/vacation/time away -- that it be the best for all.
Will definitely miss hearing from you and can't wait for you to be back to the "blog" world.

Kimberley said...

See you on Wednesday!!!

Ian said...

Do you remember the tramoline we had at Mitchell Street?