Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Hard to believe

Nearly every parent warned us before we had them- they grow up so fast, but it's hard to comprehend that until you are sucked into the child rearing vortex at which point you become awe struck, dazed parents like all the rest. This is due in part to amazement and shock as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion.

The kids and I were doing one of their favorite past-times- looking at home videos. We had just looked at this video of Dominique saying her ABCs then stumbled upon one of Ivan near the same age saying his. It was so crazy to hear his little two year old voice, all muddled and cute sounding just like hers. This lends to the absurd realization that Dominique will be talking as clearly as Ivan in 1.5 short years. Years seem short as they fly by with the kids now. Paradoxically, sleepless nights and days, temper tantrums, disciplining and potty training seem interminable.

Dominique was hiding in a blanket and it reminded me of a picture of her in the hammock. I pulled it out. Is it possible that this is the same kid? It's very strange how my mind has compartmentalized their stages. It's hard for me to think of Ivan being the same little boy as an infant, as a two year old and now. As I look through the pictures or videos, I have memories at each stage, but am unable to reconcile the different Ivans or Dominiques in my head to think of them seamlessly as the same person. Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just a little nuts?

Here is my baby counting to 13 or so and her brother being bothered by the fact that she dare touch the blocks he was building with.

Here is Ivan spelling his and Dominique's name.

So I'm totally amazed at their abilities and development. No other creature (or grown person for that matter) can effect such drastic changes and dramatic performance increases. Babies go from infants who can barely see, can't roll over or move about, talk, pick up things or be at all self-sufficient to within TWO years become walking, talking, creative geniuses. Mind boggling I tell you.


GMS said...

They are absolutely BRILLIANT.
Is it hereditary?
Yes, I agree growth is amazing and memory fading.

Enjoy every minute, just like you seem to already do.

Deana said...

Wow...Ivan's voice is getting "big"! and Dominique's eyes are so beautiful!

I often look through Max's baby pictures and try to remember him that small! Sometimes I look at him and think, when did you get so big!