Monday, April 14, 2008

An extra long weekend

I didn't watch the Aim boys today because the youngest is sick, and Brian arranged it for us to have the car, so we got to go out on the town. We got to the post office, to the library, where we found out there was reading time that day, then the kids and I went to the bakery to enjoy a treat. It was so pretty downtown. A nice little park area we walked by that has a waterwall is enclosed with bushes. They were full of pink flowers. I didn't even know those bushes flower. It was gorgeous. We stopped and smelled a pretty rose and headed back home.


GMS said...

Glad to hear you got an extra day off and even go to go out on the town.
Grandpa Ray said that he bet Ivan was just thrilled using that blower for real.

Ian said...

That little smile on Ivan's face says it all.