Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Isaiah update

Keep up the prayers for Isaiah. He is no longer fighting for his life, but has suffered some brain damage. The good news is that the spots were small, much smaller than the doctors had expected. Also with Isaiah being so young, and the brain still forming and with it being a most remarkable organism, it can reroute itself around the damaged areas to recover full functioning. It can also suffer further damage. Isaiah is scheduled for another CAT scan Monday to make sure the spots are not getting worse- so pray for that. And of course pray for encouragement and peace for Tighe and Greg. There are moments when it seems very overwhelming to them and other times when they are more positive. Isaiah said a few words the first night, but nothing the next day or night. He did move his head though and reach for his mom and in the middle of the night sat up in bed. One doctor told them that Isaiah just needs some time and told them of a former patient of his who got meningitis and whose CAT scan looked like cottage cheese mush, yet she grew up and graduated from school and entered the ministry. Of course allowing time is difficult as they anticipate their second child's immanent arrival. The social worker at Cook's children's Medical hospital found Tighe a doctor there who will in all probability deliver her 2nd baby there in Fort Worth, TX.

I need to catch up on posting so many pictures and videos. I can't even remember how old these are.

This is the baby doll that Dominique sleeps with every night, only she wants it naked all the time. I guess it's a good thing because it's often sticky and then I don't have to wash baby clothes, just wipe her up .

Here are Ivan and Dominique playing with train tracks one early morning. She is playing trains, he is using a piece as a saw, having just watched "bob the builder". This morning Brian was getting ready to mow our lawn and Ivan told me: "daddy is going to mow the lawn and I am going to watch. That's MY job". I'm glad he finally accepted his fate (for now) on the other side of the doors and windows and takes great pride in it. We have promised him that when he is bigger we will let him mow the lawn. He's so excited about it. I hope he'll find it as enjoyable as he thinks it is now.
Was there something you just could not wait to do when you were grown up? What was it? Is it as enjoyable as you thought it would be?


jenn with two n's said...

Holding Isaiah, Tighe, Greg and little Lily up in prayers.Thank you for the updates.

As for your question I couldn't wait to go to school and pretty much drove mom nuts. I must still like it being a teacher and all! Although I am liking being at home with Imogen and am in no hurry to go back.

armacleod said...

Learning to drive and getting my driver's license. I've always wanted to do that. I remember thinking, someday I'll have my license and I'll look back and think about how I dreamed about that day and looking back realizing that it wasn't a big deal. Now that I am here and not then, I was right in my interpretation of what the future would look like. Driving was/is great, but I don't mind getting a ride with someone else too. Go figure.

Nana said...

I have to agree with you Angela, I couldn't wait to get my driver's license way back in 1961. I was really shocked when my mom let me drive to pick my brother up after his summer school class that very afternoon. The next big moment was turning 21 and getting to vote for the first time.