Thursday, April 10, 2008

so much to post about

I don't post many pictures of Brian or myself, so here are our token shots.

My blogables file is full and running over. I just counted 24 videos and didn't even try to count the photos, so I was trying to go through and just pick out the best ones. With the busier schedule Mon-Wed., I don't get much time to post those days and by night time I'm either getting ready for the next day or zapped of energy.

The kids have me laughing all the time and I try to remember what they've done or said to share with you. This video is just one of the funnies. Ivan thinks it's absolutely hilarious, as any 3 year old would. Daddy, (how should we say it?) helped Ivan come up with the song and now Ivan won't quit singing it.

Today we said goodbye to our friends Trinity, Charity and Hannah who are moving to California (they are a military family, so this is their first of many moves- but it's still sad saying goodbye). Then we came home and had wonderful naps, tackled laundry, helped a friend with some translating and went to the pool. I actually spent 3 hours in the pool tonight (1 with the kids, 1 my regular class and 1 a class I subbed for). My fingers were a little pruny and I'm feeling very mellow and sleepy- the bed calls-- night night.


Ian said...

"...and on his head he had a toque"
is that what he said?

GMS said...

I don't think so.
But we'll have to wait for the
"official" translation from the Dad.

brian said...

"on his farm he had a toot"

It never gets old...