Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's my weekend

My weekend starts tomorrow. I know, you're all envious. The extra boys come Mon-Wed, so I consider Thurs. as the start of my weekend. The kids have great fun together and are learning a lot from each other- most of it good. Micah is fun because he is learning to walk and really taking off this week- all smiles and beaming with pride. Caleb is really smart, always talking about how everything works. Ivan and Dominique love all the games and activities we plan when they are here. Ivan is growing out of naps, but will sometimes take them with the boys here. They just play harder (and fight more). Dominique goes down good when they are here too.

My days with them start at 6:30 with me getting up and trying to mentally and spiritually prepare for the day ahead. They arrive by 7:30, then I get everyone eating breakfast. After that I dress my two kids (I asked Ivan if he wanted to match Caleb since they had just gotten similar shirts and this is what we came up with). Once hair is combed and fixed (or not) I either let them play some (with supervision) or do cds or my planned activities: crafts, games, stories, sometimes a youtube video depending on what we are learning. I may get us all outside in the morning, or not. As I get lunch ready, I put them in front of a video and start feeding Micah (who tires out first). The big kids come join lunchtime, then clean-up (or not). I let them play some before naps time. Hopefully they all take one, at which time I can take a breather. They get back up and we have a few more hours to go, more outside play or indoor mayhem. The last hour always seems crazy. Micah is ready for his mom to come back and everyone is ready for a snack, but I don't want to ruin my duo's supper. It's always an adventure. I told you all that to explain the boy's matching shirt. Brian always says that I can say things a lot shorter than I do. ha, ha.


GMS said...

I just LOVE the run down on your typical day on Mon-Wed.
It must be nice to start a weekend on Thursday, too. You sound like you are running a little preschool. That probably helps to keep everyone in line, Mom included.

Davis Family said...

Holy smackers! If I had your week I'd be in a medically enduced comma by Saturday! Crazy business. Sounds like you are handling it amazingly well. Wow - I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

I loved the weekday schedule rundown too. I mostly liked the 3 'or nots'!...being able to flex with kids is one of lifes biggest lessons. Those were the best times.