Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hawaian day!!

At -45 the buses don't run to pick up kids from school, however, the school is open and running anyways, because lots of kids don't get bus service, including mine.  It was that cold on Hawaian day- where we got to pretend it was warm, wear our summer duds (in the cold gym) and have a pretenda colada from the School Community Council.

Today it has been snowing non stop- big fluffy wet flakes.  I parked in the front- out of fear of getting stuck in the alley and the van is covered in snow.  I shovel, wipe the snow off, go to the bank, am there an hour and the van is once again totally covered in snow- you can't even tell that I shoveled.  But I managed to get Emora to walk with me to the school without throwing a fit.

She even got a shot today without throwing a fit.  She only threw a fit when I got her colors wrong when painting her nails today.  It was a pretty bad fit, but the moments of non-fits give me hope that she is maturing and maybe growing beyond the tantrum stage.  Of course we all throw tantrums, but maybe with a little less volume, tears and drama would be nice.

I told the kids that once it got nice, we'd dig out an igloo/quinzee.  So we dug this weekend and it's pretty cool.  With all this extra snow, we should be able to enlarge and expand on it.

Ivan tried Tae-kwon-do in town, but didn't like it- however, he kept insisting that he wanted to join Kellen at karate.  So he tried it out and says he loves it.  I didn't want to have to drive and it really does take up a whole evening a week (maybe 2- if we try to make it for all the sessions).  I hope he'll stick with it though and enjoy it.  It would be cool for him to grow up doing something with his cousin.  It was a nice group of people and not so bad a drive as I had first thought.

We are looking forward to our winter break.  The kids will have the week off from school and we are starting it with a visit from Uncle Andrew (my brother) and Auntie Andrea (his wife) and a party- birthdays for Jan/Feb.!  So awesome!!  I hope it will keep being nice and warm and that we will get to go sledding, have play dates, go skating and enjoy the break from routine.


GMS said...

Wondering if winter break is the same time up there?
We did get to use the snowblower once so far but most has melted already.
The activities sound like fun.

Nana said...

So Ivan is the Hawaiian Karate Kid! Good for him. See nothing wrong in being able to protect yourself. It is good for focus and concentration.