Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Teacher Dom

It's so interesting to watch our children's personalities come out.  Ivan could play legos all day and loves to be with his friends, but really doesn't enjoy school work much.  I remember having to teach him how to hold a pen so that the right tip could be on the page to make marks.  Ivan still doesn't like to write much.  Then comes number 2.  Dominique wouldn't stop writing.  I remember punishing her for writing on walls, herself, the furniture...  She loves to write and do "school work".  Now that she is in grade 1, she has homework, a reading record and spelling words.  She loves it all.  The minute she gets home from school, she gets her books out and does school with Emora and every other willing "student" (ie. stuffed animals), they can find.  Fortunately Emora enjoys being her student, because Dominique likes to be the teacher and doesn't want to have the roles reversed!

When Dominique is at school, Emora also enjoys to write and do Dominique's spelling words and her letters, but she is not as passionate about it as Dominique was.  She does LOVE to color most of all and likes to do puzzles and games.

Fortunately Ivan does like to read and has even realized that it is a good way for him to de-stress.

We are enjoying our week off for winter break.  It's too cold to enjoy the sunshine outside today, but the kids all have play dates, so they are happy to be with friends.

Love my trio and all their differences!  It wouldn't be nearly as interesting or challenging or enriching if we were all the same.  Each of them brings a flavor to our family that helps us to grow and experience life more fully- and it's never ending- they grow, have new interests, build on their strengths, learn through their struggles and discover new things together.  So thankful for our trio!

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Nana said...

Dominique is growing up so quickly! We are so glad that she loves all of her activities and school. I believe it will stay that way for her. has Ivan's teeth started growing back? If he keeps loosing them and they don't grow back soon he is going to look like a true "redneck"! Of course "little Miss Charmer" is going to keep us all guessing.