Thursday, February 21, 2013

Party on!

Emora and I drove out to the Muirhead farm one morning for Lanelle's birthday party.  It wasn't all that cold, but there were 4 of the brightest sun dogs I've ever seen.  They were huge and brilliant.  Emora and I enjoyed watching them all the way out for the drive.  Sun dogs usually appear when it is very cold, so I'm not sure why they were there.  For my southern friends, they are rainbows or bright white lights that are on either side of the sun.  Often there are just 2, one on each side, but this time they were doubled up on each side.

The kids found the costume stash and enjoyed dressing up.

It was fun to make crafts and the adults all got in a wonderful visit and terrific lunch too.

This picture says it all-- cousins are awesome!

When it was time to leave, we couldn't find any of the kids!  We looked and looked.  Finally, I heard giggles in the tub.  I knew something special would greet me when I moved the curtain, so I got my camera ready and found this!

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