Monday, February 11, 2013

Hint of spring

The weather was so gorgeous today.  Warmer than it has been and sun shining with blue skies, but I couldn't convince Emora to go out with me.  If it's this pretty tomorrow, we may just have to walk to Gymboree or I'll force her to go with me to the beach with Saba.  I like slow Mondays though.  After having all three kids to torment each other all weekend, it's sweet to have Monday and not need to go anywhere and be able to do some recovery.  Emora and I got some of the house tidied up, did a load of laundry, got muffins made and played games.  I also got a nap.  I haven't had a nap in ages, but I watched all the Lord of the Rings movies this weekend, mostly with Brian which caused a lot of late nights, so I was crashing today and it was so lovely to do some catch up ;)

Speaking of catching up, I don't have any new pictures to share!  Gasp! I know, wow-- but my computer is neat in that it saves pics in it's photo program for one year, so when I open it, the first pics in are from a year ago that day.  I found a pic of about a year ago with the cousins and one from Christmas.  I thought they would look so much older, but just the 2 smallest look really different to me.
Tonight was zumba.  It has been so much fun and we had a glow in the dark night with glow sticks.  The kids had a blast, so they wanted to continue the party once we got home.  We did Just Dance 4 and Just Dance kids and I finally had to call it quits.  That's about 2 hours of tons of movement and my body is saying that's quite enough!  So fun though.  Time for some heat on these sore muscles... I hope I can move in the morning!

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