Monday, February 25, 2013

family, family, family!

I've got an eclectic mix of pics to share over the last many weeks.  I pulled several of family gatherings that we've had.  We got together for Jan/Feb birthdays- which includes all but one of the Muirhead clan who is the month before, Victoria, Brian and Emora.  It was nice to do a party, even though several couldn't make it.

Speaking of birthdays, Andrew, my brother and his wife Andrea made a very special trip to the Fort to celebrate with Emora.  I realize now that I didn't get a pic with Andrew!! and this one with Andrea in it is blurry.  Anyways, they took the birthday girl to the city and spoiled her rotten!  They bought her gifts including 4 pairs of shoes!  I thought them coming and taking her out to swim (her choice) and eat out (also her choice) was her gift, but there was more!  That was last weekend.  We got to play games and Andrea did some baking.  They were also here for the birthday bash, so that was fun.

This weekend, Lin and 2 of her kids came for the weekend.  And I now see I didn't get a pic with Josh.  They made it here in time to get to check out our first Fort Winter Festival.  Apparently these used to be quite the famous event a couple of decades ago.  It has been resurrected and we loved it!  The kids sang Sat. on the ice palace stage, I got to take part in a spike driving contest, we played mini golf on the frozen lake.

The kids and I tried skating on the ice too in the maze.  Emora and I didn't last too long at that- too much snow on the ice for our liking.

We also walked the maze and despite how easy it looked, got lost twice.

We went on a sleigh ride and the kids played on the mounds of snow made from all that snow removal.

It was a fabulously beautiful day.  Only about -1 C and sun shining- a perfect day to get out.

Thankfully I had brought our leftover lunch with us, because the kids needed replenishing several times, but a little respite in the van and they were ready to get back out and enjoy the festivities.

So fun to get to see cousins more often now that we are all within some hours drive.

Today was back to regular programming- with the school schedule.  And now that it's evening, they are back to fighting too.  I guess I should go referee a bit... until next time ;)

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Olivia said...

I LOVE these photos!!!!!!!! I wish I could bundle up and play with you all!