Friday, November 09, 2012

A long, long weekend

The good news is that we get a long, long weekend... the bad news is that I had my heart totally set on buying a kayak and it seemed like it was perfectly set up for me to get it, but someone had already bought it... and I had plans to go swimming in the city, but a huge storm is coming in, so caution says to say put.  BUT we are stocked up on books, we can make play dates happen, we even have movies from the library and an art show to go see and the kids are so far playing nicely, Ivan's even reading, I've got some of the yummiest muffins in the fridge, and while our community regularly goes through intense heartache, there are people who care, people trying to make a difference, people who won't give up.

This was a fire prevention night at the school.  Dominique landed in the paper again.  They just love seeing themselves in the paper!  I always learn something new at these although we've been a couple of years now.  The kids love checking out the fire trucks.  Ivan was away at guitar this night.

We may be doing a lot of this this weekend.  I hope so ;)

Brian and his crew are racing to get the plywood on the roof of the house they are working on before the snow hits.  Hope they got far already, because the snows-a-comin'.

Some furry creature in our house just gets bigger and bigger.  He must have a sweet nighttime deal, because we pretty much kick him out of all our beds and then he cries and cries to go out at night.  I think his former home, my neighbor lets him in to sleep.  Come morning, he cries at our door to get in.

Dominique loves to read too and so does Emora.  Of course Emora makes up words and repeats what she remembers, but she's getting closer and closer to reading and is mostly a delight all day.  Yesterday though she had a rough one and kept crying.  At one point she yelled at me "I want Dominique"- "ah so your other mommy is nicer huh?" I replied.

Maybe I'll get to painting on Emora's portrait some too this weekend.  The drawing is nearly done and then it'll be the fun parts- or at least something different.  I can still see the little girl in Dominique as I look at her and Ivan too.  I need to get Emora's done because I know she already looks so much older!


Ian said...

Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to xmass.

mano said...
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