Friday, November 02, 2012

Lots and lots about Ivan part 1

I realized that I hadn't posted the pictures from Ivan's party yet!  And here it is November already.  Sometimes the days just zoom by.  Now that Halloween is over, I can take a breath.

Ivan had a brother pair Konomu (the older one in glasses- who is Ivan's age), his brother Nozomu (Dominique's age) and Kellen (also Dominique's age) for an all boys' birthday and sleepover.  The theme was Star Wars- much to all of them's delight.

I was super excited to NOT have to do a big party and to let Brian take care of it.  I made the cake and decorated it and (so happy) the kids loved it even if it only took me a bit to create it.

The secondary theme to the evening was shooting daddy with nerf guns.  Apparently Brian thought he could deflect the bullets with a light saber.  As he nearly got his eye shot out, he decided some safety gear was in order.  They don't make nerf guns like they used to!

It was the Sinclair boys' first sleep over ever.  Brian got them all pizza and they were all so wonderful.

The girls were excited to go to the city with me to do some shopping (OK, they weren't excited about that part)- to eat out (MacDonalds- unfortunately for me, happy for them) and SWIMMING! 

The girls each got Ivan something with their own money- he was excited to see what they'd gotten him.

More weapons!  Another light saber and nerf gun- cause you can never have enough.

Next episode I will show you his reaction to the gift I'd made him... stay tuned.

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Nana said...

NOW , those are some happy faces!!!