Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Now that it's November!!

I figured that I'd better post pics from Halloween before Christmas was upon us!  Yep, that time of year is just around the corner.  A little ways yet, but still...

I let the kids draw a design on their pumpkin and then carve it.  I didn't realize until I'd uploaded pics that I didn't get a picture of each kid with their own pumpkin.  Of course I had my little helper, so we got her pic done.

This was the face Emora drew I really liked the nose she made.

I'm thankful that they are happy to choose costumes either from our dress up pile or something we make.  Emora was a "pony" 'cause she could not remember the name "unicorn".  Dominique a ballet dancer and Ivan a karate/kung fo master.  He lost his black belt during the week, so he got demoted to a blue belt at the last minute.  I tried to tell him to let the shirt hang out, but he had his own idea and when he does, you just have to leave it at that!  Of course my other idea is that you will all be cold and to put your jackets under your costume.  The only one to listen was my littlest and so the older two were also frozen popsicles.  We were only out 30 min. on our street before they were crying and running home!

Left to right- Emora's pumpkin, then Dominique's and then Ivan's.  I'm not sure where the candles from the first two pumpkins came from, but they sure worked good!  Ivan's not so much.

Apart from the tears, and my staying up way too late to cook up pumpkins, we ended up with a super duper deal.  Victoria called up to ask if she and Tyler (her bf) could take the kids for a cousins time.  So they took Ivan and Dominique back out after we had done our street.  Not only did they take the big kids- who had a blast with their well dressed and used to cold cousins, but they let my kids ride in the car periodically to warm up while they took the kid's bags to the door and said there are 2 more in the car!  Can we say SPOILED and LOVED and SPOILED!

Thank you Vikka and Tyler- you guys rock!

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