Wednesday, November 07, 2012

1st snow

A few days ago this fell.  The kids were SO EXCITED!  Emora wanted to get dressed and go right outside.  She ran in the snow and threw snow balls at our cat.

The kids had a snow fight the second they got home from school.

The following days, each night had brought a little more.

They like to shake the tree and watch it all pummel down.

This year's first taste test- yep as yummy as last year's.

Eating snow is fun.  In my opinion, you can never get too old for it.  And yes, we only eat white snow.

Of course in Quebec, they pour hot maple syrop on the snow and that makes it VERY yummy- but then it's not so much the snow you're eating, but sugar on steroids.

Ivan also gave himself a face wash.  I took a picture of it, but he looks a bit possessed in it.  Maybe he was- possessed by the snow happy spirit!

Can you all stand still one second for a picture?  Our tree is not so pretty, it kind of leans and has two trunks, but it's worth really shines in the winter and spring.  It's so nice to have something green in all the white and in the spring, there are always one or several bird families that make a home and have babies in it.

As I write this, the snow has about all melted.  It's felt like spring... and so my mood is looking to summer next, but I hope that my heart will be happy again as the snow returns.  I'm sure it will.  3 days would be much too short for winter!- we didn't even get out sledding yet (at least not on a hill- I pulled Emora to school a couple of times- but that doesn't count).

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