Saturday, November 03, 2012

Take 2- Ivan, Ivan, Ivan!

We couldn't miss out on our traditional pose.  Ivan was born on my birthday, so each birthday we try to take this picture, with me holding him, sitting at the dining room table (usually with birthday cake or pumpkins, but we missed on the accessories this time!)  He is getting bigger and bigger!

I had found a bow for Ivan at a garage sale for 50 cents in the summer.  It was so cheap because it had no arrows.  Ivan was so excited about that bow and I saw on pinterest how to make arrows.

So Emora and I spent the week creating.  It was fun.  Of course I always think a project will take a couple of hours, which turns into days!  And everything takes a bit longer with a little one to interact with still.

I was surprised at how well the arrows fly.  I don't know if they are accurate at all, but he has hit the target a time or two.

Vana white always wanting to help out.

He's serious, everyone make way!!

He wanted to teach his sister of course.

Ivan's had another good run with guitar.  For now, he's going to take a break from lessons.  Maybe he'll take it up again some day.  He did do a great bluesy song that I'll have to post- all about looking at his bow in the garage with no arrows, no target... oh the sorrow!

He's on again off again about skating too.  It all really depends on who is there.  He loved skating when Dominique's friend was there and swimming when his friends went.  I picked up on this over the summer and found a way to kill two birds with one stone.  Ivan loves being with his cousin Arwen, who loves being at the lake.  The girls and I also love the lake and Arwen's family is often busy with stuff- so it was a perfect marriage of sorts.  We grabbed her and everyone was happy!


Kimberley said...

I wonder how many more birthdays it will be until you will have to sit on his lap!

Nana said...

Man, Ivan looks GOOD with his bow and arrows!!!! Mayberry he is going to be a bow hunter.

Nana said...

Sometimes I really don't like this spell check!!!!!! I meant "maybe".

Deana said...

Isn't he getting so big?! Happy birthday to you both! I love the arrows. Next time, you'll have to show him how to make them and he'll be able to replace his own set!