Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sledding part 2

More pics of us sledding.  I'm finding with winter here, I barely take any pictures.  Inside pics are just not as nice and I don't think of it much since we are not doing anything out of the ordinary.  And outside- we haven't done much special either, and it's tucked away from the cold.

Emora's my sled buddy.  We pick up the kids from school with her riding in the sled now.  The other day, since we weren't in a rush, I had her walk and get exercise- she threw a huge fit and cried for about 4 blocks, until I got to the store.  I told her she could sit outside because they didn't let crying kids in stores, or she could quit crying and come in so that we could get her waterproof mitts.  She finally stopped crying, LOVES her new mitts (we had to search every possible store in town- all 3 stores to find a pair).  She later informed me that if I had taken her to go get a donut that she wouldn't have cried all that time and that maybe we should in fact go get a donut.

Dominique is still loving ballet and just finished up an after school yoga 6 week program.  She wants to be in everything!  I'd like to sign her up for a keeping your room clean program, but don't know where to find one.  We were giggling over her report card, because her teacher put in that she always keeps her things organized.  We told her that her teacher must not have seen her room and she laughed saying "no way- but my desk is tidy".

Brian the stunt man was roofing on ice again today and has successfully not fallen off ;)  We are quite proud of you hun!  This was a little play snowboard I got cheap when our other grocery store went out of business.  I think you have to be much shorter than Brian or I to attempt it.  The kids had some fun on it, but we just kept falling over!

Sliding head first produced less snow in the face than feet first actually, but you have to try several methods to figure out the best way down!
Ivan is the lego king at our house.  He is always building away and will work days and days following the instructions from a kit.  He has also made some huge improvements in his writing, so we are super proud of him working so hard at something that is not his passion. 

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Nana said...

It looks like the beginning of "red face" season!!!! Keep the hot chocolate on the stove.