Monday, October 08, 2012

LONG weekend

Here are more pictures of Emora of course.  I do have 2 other children, really I do.  I noticed that I am getting worse and worse at taking pictures!  We went to our first skating outing and I forgot to bring the camera and this weekend, my mom, dad, sister and her family came for the night and day and I've barely got anything on the camera to show for it!

Emora enjoyed this game that I saw on pinterest.  I thought maybe I could convince Ivan to practice his spelling words this way too, but that didn't work!

My herbs grew seeds this summer and since the plants were getting old, I figured I'd start new ones.  Basil and cilantro here.

The kids had Friday and today (Canadian thanksgiving) off.  They also have impetigo- a highly contagious skin condition that starts from having colds.  With meds they are supposed to not be infectious, but we were trying to get them well before family came, so we stayed in the house Friday and Saturday and made this!  Finally got a new puppet stage made.  We had a great one in the states, but it was too big and I'd promised the kids we'd make a new one once we got up here.  So it took a couple of years!

Mom, dad, Jenn and her family arrived yesterday evening. We got to play games and get food ready for today- the big thanksgiving celebration at the Koops. There were over 20 people there and it was a blast as always. I am totally spoiled that I got to do thanksgiving this way. I cooked a turkey and dressing and ate like a queen with tons and tons of dishes and homemade pies! So amazing and fun. The Koops are the best hosts. Sheena is always referring to superpowers- and being a most amazing hostess is definitely one of theirs!

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GMS said...

I love the puppet stage & pictures of Emora are great. It is so important that you do all those interesting things with Emora while the other 2 are in school.