Saturday, October 13, 2012

Our community school

Our elementary and high school (which are beside each other and share school yard space) are community schools.  I'm still learning what that means, but I've figured out that they have special funding and a focus on reaching out to all our community.

There is a school community council which does programming to enhance the school experience and get the community involved in our schools and also to bless our town with school resources too.

It's a win-win for everyone.  Businesses are very generous with the school- often providing DQ treats or pizzas that the SCC has awarded students with sometimes for everyone and other times to reward positive behavior.  Last year our school policewoman gave the kids tickets for doing good- they got DQ treats.  This year, a bunch of high schoolers got a pizza for having a great start to the year.  The principal was gushing at the joy those kids expressed when they were recognized for their effort.

They offered these photo sessions for us at a very minimal cost.  The SCC pays a good photographer (the professional they used last year moved, so this year they used a couple of students from the photography class).  Then we got the disk to make whatever copies we want!

The kids are offered programs like after school yoga and fitness class.  Next week is education week, so the kids can go early to hear a book and have breakfast before school.  The theme is exploring our roots, so one day after school, they are going to have wagon rides and a weiner roast.

I've never lived in a smaller community before, but I am loving how they seem unselfish with resources.

One of the SCC members figured out that the gym has an hour open everyday, so she arranged for moms and preschoolers to come in once a week and use the High schools' gym and equipment for a "gymboree preschooler fun time".  Emora loves her new program.

They are also offering classes to the public at a minimal cost by the high school teachers.  So far a photography class and an art class is being offered.  So, despite our busy evenings, we will have to juggle a bit more to be able to take part in some of these fun activities!

It's not just fun that we get to try something new and learn skills, but it's often the same people coming to the programs, so we slowly get to know each other.

We were having a hard time getting Emora to smile, so Brian and I started to give the poor photographer bunny ears.

Then they couldn't keep the giggles away!

Emora is a tough one went it comes to smiling for the camera.

This is the only pic with a halfway smile and the light was bezerk on it, so I had to fudge with it some to get another effect rather than her struck by way way too much sun look.

Mike- my cousin's husband brought these dresses for the girls from Chinatown in Vancouver.  He is part Japanese and got himself a jacket too.  We'll need to get their pics all together.  I couldn't believe he got their sizes right!  He's a better shopper than I am!

I'm always discovering who the girls are.  Dominique is so specific about her clothes and look.  She loves being fancy!  Emora is not so inclined.  She is much more easy going about her clothes and look and will often let me suggest what she should wear.

Ivan lost another tooth last night- so now he has 3 gaping holes.  He also just recovered from impetigo so he has new skin that turns funky colors on his face.  Even with all that- he still pulls off handsome! :)

Today is an exciting day- first we got these pics and I'm about to get to try out a kayak and maybe my new wet suit too!  So glad the weekend came out a bit warmer than the last week or so.

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GMS said...

Very nice --both the pictures and the writing.
I know I want a new picture for over my buffet but not sure which one. Does need to be a family shot though.
Maybe you can email me some so then I can get them printed locally.