Friday, October 05, 2012

Sunny days with Emora

I'm realizing that I need to take more pics of the kids on weekends.  There aren't many photo ops during school days now.  The big kids are gone all day, then we do pick up and it's crazy evenings with somebody off somewhere, getting homework and practice done, so I rarely take a picture all week long and our weekends seem to be zipping by without me snapping much either- all of which to say that all I've got in photos lately is Emora.  But then I have to remember that at her age- there were plenty of pics of the big kids too.

While at Treaty 4, I saw groups of kids heading up a trail I'd never noticed before and I told myself that we'd have to go up that trail someday.  So, the next week, Emora and I "took to the slopes" (the ski hill is the next hill over).  It was a lovely trail, but you could tell large numbers of people had taken it before us.  It was covered in trash and recyclebles.  Lucky for us, we found a couple of bags amidst it all and a couple of jackets too, so we gathered as we walked.

The weather was so nice.  Last hot days before winter decides to make it's way on through.

The trail is straight behind the Treaty 4 governance center.

Emora kept asking if there was a treasure at the top of the trail.  It curved into some bushes, so you had no idea what you would find.  Well, we were surprised and pleased to see that there was a treasure at the end.  Right before the trail dead ended into a harvested, flat field, this blast from the past greeted us.

                                        I wonder what all it could have told us of days gone by.

                                                     We found lots more bottles here too.

                                                            Time to go back down....

                                                                  Happy little trail partner.

This was before a tiny little rain and colder nights.  Now the leaves are even more orange, which is so nice to get to see.  I remember missing the colors in Texas.  We had fully intended to get out each day for a treck, but not long after this, we all started coming down with bad colds.

                       Our physical loot from the hike, to add to our mental/emotional benefits from the day.

We are getting ready for thanksgiving and battling impetigo (some highly infectious bacteria outbreak that Ivan got from his cold).  Unfortunately, we already have a cousin who has had to postpone and possibly cancel coming, but we are told that he will not be infectious much longer (24 hours of having meds).  We had planned a fun day with the kids out from school, but had to shuffle things with Ivan's face broken out- and basically stay home.  He is clearing up quickly, but we didn't want to share it with anyone!  Hopefully some cousins will still be able to make it Sunday as planned and we can still have a wonderful party.

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