Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week long celebrations

A week ago or so, I got to borrow a kayak to try it out.  It was totally awesome!  So fun.  I've been wanting to try one for a while and it was great to see how they handle.

During thanksgiving, my sister, her family and my parents arrived bearing gifts!

Guess what I got?

A super hero suit!!  I told my cousins and they ask which super hero and I told them "Speedo".

Thankfully, after I got the suit, we had a warm weekend, so I let the kids play on the play structure, while I played in the water.

Dominique got these pics for me.

The water was extremely cold, but with the suit, it was no worse than a pool or the lake in summer.

I don't have pics of Ivan's actually party uploaded yet, but here was the cake.  Some lego Star Wars people helped me make and decorate a snowman for Ivan.

OK, and maybe I had another cute little helper.

Ivan had a fantastic party.  Super daddy took over and got the boys pizza and played with them, while the girls and I went into the city, did errands and went swimming.  The girls and I came back home to some very excited boys who had their first ever sleepover.  It went great and Ivan had so much fun.  He also got to open up presents from his sisters and us- which he loved and we've gotten lots of phone calls and special treatment!  So fun!


Nana said...

So glad y'all had REALLY GREAT BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!

Ian said...

Dominique is a pretty good photographer!

sheena said...

Right on Ange!