Saturday, October 06, 2012

Beautiful, beautiful Emora

                        Emora doesn't always let my do her hair fancy- but sometimes she'll let me.

                                 She had picked out several different clips to add to the look.

                          While we were at it, we figured we should do some face paint to match.

Emora doesn't nap anymore, and she used to be our lively night owl when she did nap, but now she often crashes really quickly.  Last night, I took the girls to a violin recital and she slept through a fair amount of it.

I always think it's so cute the way she sleeps.  Like a little princess, with her body all folded up and her hands at her face.

I finally got the pics loaded up- so here is our exciting outing to the cosmetology class at the high school.  One of the teens did my nails in a French manicure while Emora got panda bears on hers.

Then since my nails were taking longer, Emora also got her hair curled.

And clipped up in a fancy hairdo.  This was after the cosmetology class.  We next popped in to the grade 12 art class, where Mike was teaching- he'd told us to stop in sometime to see what the class was up to.  We got to see his daughter, our cousin- Victoria's amazing creations.  Then we stopped to see Auntie Sheena- who told us to stop by to show her our nails. 

We still had a few minutes to spend before picking up the big kids from school, so we checked to see how the elementary felt about us reading in their library- to which they gladly facilitated us. 

By this day, some of the panda's were getting messed up.  But she didn't let me get a good close up the day of the manicure. 

Yesterday, we made a puppet stage and I took off my French manicure, which was also getting beat up.  I realized that I prefer paint smudges over fancy nails by a long stretch.  But it's still fun to get out and try something different and the girls love the special treatment.

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