Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skating, dancing, games and reading

I found this idea on pinterest.  I was told about Pinterest by lots of people saying I'd love it, before I actually ventured over to check it out.  I do kind of like it.  This was made by leaving construction paper out in the sun a day with letters on it.  Now we have a puzzle to play and Emora LOVES to play games.  We have lots at her level, so that's fun.  She likes puzzles and coloring too and YEAH for me, has decided that she finally loves skating!  I've taken her for 2 years before this year and she always hated it, but now she begs to go and likes for me to push her around super fast, but she has started- like Dominique showed her- to push the bar away and skate to it.

Dominique is not sure which she likes more- dancing or skating.  But then she kind of likes it all- she's doing an after school yoga program too and going with her BFF this week to her "Sparks" outing (like Brownies).

Here she is off the bar.  Unfortunately, Ivan takes a lot longer feeling comfortable with new things and got teased by a not so nice kid in his class last time he skated, so it took me a couple of weeks to coax him back onto the ice.  I hope he will get back into it.  He really liked to go last year.

Emora found an auntie to play a game with at thanksgiving.  This is Sheena's sister Andrea- so my kids have 2 auntie Andreas!

Ivan loves playing legos, getting play times with his cousin Kellen and friends from his sleepover, doing archery and reading.  He also really loves to tease his sisters.  Can you tell?  He's mostly good with them though!

Natasha and Dominique are in ballet together.  Natasha also has a set of twin sisters in Ivan's class- so that's pretty neat.

We got our first smattering of snow today.  Well, it kinda snowed one day, but not enough to stay on the ground and this stuff didn't really stay either, but it was all excitement when I got the kids up and I made them guess what the surprise was outside.  Dominique and Ivan both guessed snow right away.  Emora didn't know what the surprise was and when I took her to the window she still wasn't sure.  Is that rain or snow?  It's white and really, really wet.  We had to dig out boots and warmer jackets.  It's coming!


Nana said...

Dominique has the right features for ballet. She looks long and lanky! She looks georgious! Is she still interested in figure skating. Could be an Olympian! So sorry to hear kids teased Ivan. They can be so mean. Hope he puts it in "the recycle bin" and gets back on the ice. Emora is giving it her all.

Ian said...

We got about 10 cm of snow. I even had to use the snow blower to clear the driveway.