Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's like I'm not gone

I like how blogger lets me post things to appear later. When you read this, we will be in Texas, but I'm actually typing it before I've even packed our bags! I wish facebook did that too so that I could post here first and there after. Otherwise everyone will see them on facebook first, unless I save them ;)

Here are some more sweet moments from our short stop in Saskatoon. Imogen and I got to do a name puzzle together that I'd made for her.

Andrea had made personalized cookies for the kids. She put a word on them that described them. So cool Andrea! I love personalized things.

Andrea also did some German traditions with them like lighting the insense burner, and candles and putting out decorations- even though it wasn't the 24th! (when she used to celebrate Christmas in Germany).

Here's a full view of the puzzle. Under the flaps 1,2,3,4 are pictures of her at those ages. It was so fun!

I had to get a pic of my brother and his wife in the spot where he proposed to her at Christmas time 5 years ago. They get the patience or stick to it award for sure. They dated for years, most of which was long distance (like, very long distance, across an ocean long distance), had a years long engagement and spent their first married year apart since they had to wait on immigration and Andrea wanted to finish her studies. We are all so glad all that waiting was finally over about the time we arrived in Canada, but I'm sure not near as glad as my brother was!

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GMS said...

We love reading both blog posts and Facebook posts, so keep it all up.
Glad you made it safe and sound.