Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Reindeer festival

Our school is so awesome! I took the kids to the reindeer festival this weekend. There were real reindeer! I actually didn't know that reindeer were real until I was an adult reading National Geographic- not even all that long ago! Then my cousin said they are also called cariboo! OK, heard of those.

There were tons of crafts at booths all through the gym, a couple of Christmas themed games, hot chocolate, ice cream sandwiches, cookie decorating, pics with Santa (we don't really do the Santa thing, but the kids still wanted to get their picture taken and it actually came out really nice) and it was all for free! We ran into lots of the same people we have known some, so that is fun.

I posted this pic to remind myself that I do love this munchkin. She's been pushing the princess complex a bit too much lately. She got me up about 5 times last night and about 8 times the night before and she's wanting me to carry her everywhere now, even from one room to the next. Then she'll want to bathe herself, dress herself and she went up on stage with her siblings who were doing their performance for GLOW- a Christian after school program Ivan and Dominique go to. She walked up with the big kids and I thought it would make a huge scene to try to get her down, so I let her stand up there with everyone else singing "away in a manger", not knowing all the words, just like her siblings.

Some days I've let the big kids help Emora get dressed. Dominique does better at the mechanics of it than Ivan, but then I have to deal with her wild, wild combinations. This day in particular was a doozy. Dominique creations all the way. And yes I did let them go out in public like this. But on school days, I do give Dominique a final, "yes" or "tone it down" on her wardrobe selections.

Goodbye little reindeers- see you next year ;)


From Saxon to Saskatonian said...

Easy solution for the wardrobe creations: just get clothes that has one colour, no dots, not ringlets not whatever. And then you might have a chance of sort of colour coordinated outfits. (Maybe.) :D

jenn with two n's said...

Sounds a lot like our day...even our girl (insistence on being carried but also wanting total independence)! We also went to the school Christmas party tonight. No reindeer but we did ride on a sleigh/wagon pulled by horses, carolling as we went. We shall see you in a few days!

Ian said...

See you soon.