Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Anniversary babe!

We had a whirlwind trip to Saskatoon this weekend. We left after school and arrived late, then came back Sun. morning. Sat. we decorated mom's Christmas tree, took some pics and went to Imogen's 4th birthday party.

I think this was the first party we've made it to, so that was fun. She had a swim party and then we were in a room with jumpy castles, a craft, snacks, cake and face paint! The kids had a blast and I was so glad Dominique had gotten over being sick just in time. She'd been running a fever a bit right up until that morning. She really wanted to go swimming!

We left Saba with the grands who will take such good care of her.

Happy Anniversary Brian! The day will be hectic with trying to get ready to leave early in the morning and with all the last minute running around, not to mention a dress rehearsal for the play Ivan was supposed to be in, the Christmas program and packing... but maybe we can celebrate in Texas ;)


Ian said...

I am glad that you were able to make it. Saba is making herself feel right at home.

Nana said...

Prepare for a blizzard in the midwest. Y'all can celebrate here while Papa and I take those precious little munchkins on field trips!!

GMS said...

You two celebrate every day in some most unusual ways.
Have a safe trip!