Thursday, May 30, 2013


First off, I have to give a huge thanks to the Muirhead's.  Janet researched and found a karate club in Qu'Appelle.  They put Kellen in it and he went for quite a while before we entertained the idea of Ivan trying it out.  He was begging us to let him try it at this point and we were so thankful that the cousins didn't mind us joining.  Once Ivan was in, we started talking to the Sinclairs who were taking karate in Indian head.

In the end, they decided to switch clubs and started going to Qu'Appelle also.  In fact, the Sinclair's dad joined and we got the sweetest deal of all as he has volunteered to drive all the boys out many, many nights.

The class runs from 7-8:30 pm, so we had to move out by about 6:30 and were home by 9pm twice a week!  But he loves it and his friends are all in it (I wanted a pic with Kellen, but this night that I drove the boys out, he didn't make it that night).

The light was great in a field and we had a bit of time to spare, so I pulled over and told the guys to stand for a pick.  When that wasn't working out so well, I started counting out their katas and they started moving in formation.  It was beautiful!

They aren't ready to compete and test for a new belt color yet, but maybe next year...

Tonight is the last night of karate and I can't say I'm dissapointed.  It'll be nice to have a couple of nights with less on the schedule and enjoy the summer off from it.  The Sinclairs are now in Japan too, visiting family.

Spring is well underway and summer is nearing.

It may be time to try out my wet suit some day soon.

Things are winding up for the school year and transitioning toward summer- about a month left to the school year- which means lots of special events and outings and festivities.

We feel in many ways that we have all been in a strength and endurance training of sorts as we've reorganized our lives.  Changes can be hard, but sometimes they can bring the best out of us.

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Wonderful photos!