Saturday, May 04, 2013

Saba's an old koot!

It's been a LONG week.  We have a sick trio in the house.  They've missed school about a week and the antibiotics are kicking in slowly- we hope.  They started staggered and so that is making it longer too.  So I don't even have any good pics to share, but when picking up Ivan's homework at school, I saw this on the bulletin board outside his class...
Then I went to his best friend's sheet and read this:

So fun, friends rock!  Even if we don't get to see them anymore because we are SICK! ugh.  It's also dance recital weekend, so I'm trying to get everyone well, especially the little dancer.

So, in other exciting news, Saba is 10 years old!  Yep, she's officially an old koot, or at least retirement age ;)

We got her before we had kids.  She was our baby and we paid attention to her. 

She lost some of the attention once our kids came into the picture.  She morphed from the one we took pictures of and played with to the one we called to clean up food messes the kids made.  She has quickly figured out which seat belongs to the youngest and thus the most food spills location. 

She has also prided herself on keeping the cats in line.  She still tries to de-flee our cat, although he doesn't have flees here in Canada.  Our pets match now.

Emora likes Saba the most.  As a little little one, she liked to hand feed Saba.


Olivia said...

The last picture nearly brings tears to my eyes. I keep looking at Saba staring at Emora with adoration...or in hopes of a treat. I am so glad she is there with you bringing you joy.

Nana said...

Well, we need to offer Saba a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! welcome to the "Golden Years" Saba!!!!

From Saxon to Saskatonian said...