Wednesday, May 01, 2013


So ready for spring to actually be here and for soccer to start and newness.  It's melty out, sort of, so we pulled out the rain boots to realize that everyone's feet have grown.  So I said, "move the boots on to the next person" at which Dominique protested "Are those BOYS' boots?  I don't want to wear boys' boots".  So I told her I'd girlify them.  I got out our gold paint pen and her nailpolish and went to town.  Then Emora wanted to decorate the boots that were handed down to her, even if they were already "girl" boots and she wanted me to put a couple of decorations on her boots and also do some of her own.  So Emora's boots also have big blobs of pink she has gladly added.

I shouldn't have put gloss on them afterwards.  It's made them sticky and I'm not sure how to fix that.

Brian made me a couple of plant holders.  The one on the left I saw on pinterest and is for strawberry plants.  The one on the right may be for flowers on the play structure we are hoping to build.

The snow has been melting and while I had laughed a bit at Brian shoveling it around to help it melt, what did I find myself doing out in the sunshine this weekend?  Yep, moving snow off the big pile and spreading it out all over the yard.  We have been so ready for the snow to leave already.  This has been a long LONG winter.  In my defense, I wanted to get some exercise anyways and it was too gorgeous to be inside on the wii or one of my workout videos.  I figured I could help our snow leave and get some cardio at the same time.

Yeah- 1st sidewalk chalk of the season.  And just as the last little bit melted away, we opened the curtains monday morning to find this!!!

Crazy Saskatchewan!  Could someone tell the weather that it is now MAY 1st!  To top off the crazy weather, it's wrecking havoc with my kids.  Ivan's been sick since Thurs., Dominique started running a temp. Sun.  Finally got them in to the dr. yesterday and they are on meds, but still look half comatose and now Emora is running a slight fever!  Oh well, it could be worse and at least we'd just loaded up on movies in the city so they have plenty of shows to watch and rest with.

We've got dance final recital this weekend and soccer starts Monday ;)  Looking forward to a new season.


Nana said...

Oh, gosh, one of the drawings looks like the stents the doc had from my kidneys to the bladder! Not a fond memory!

Anonymous said...

Shoving the snow off in the spring is a good and recommended thing to do especially when it stays for so long. It helps to combat snow kill of your lawn,ours have lots this year.
Love mom