Thursday, May 23, 2013

Transitions are hard

Well, it's been a few weeks with me subbing and I'm still not totally sure if it was the right thing to do although I don't know that we had many choices in the matter.  Not too many doors were opening up for us and we had to push hard just to get through this one.

It's a strain on all of us and lots of adjusting and learning to do things differently.  It feels a bit sudden and unforseen.

But I try to take it one day at a time, draw on the strength from the one who is above all and sees all and knows why he called us here in the first place... and trust our family and kids in his hands  and know that some of these are growing pains and stretching pains and new territory strains.

We were so looking forward to the snow melting, the ice breaking up... and it finally has, but the waters have risen.

Brian says it was good that they put the cement walls up on the beach, that the water is right up to it now.

Lord protect and give grace to these little ones as we go through this huge transformation in our home.  They are so amazing, help us to be sensitive and caring to their needs.  Guide us all in this new path and may your light warm and direct our way.


GMS said...

Prayers for all of you.
Amazing pictures of an amazing life.

Nana said...

Children are stronger then you think. They are in a warm caring family. God will protect. Y'all are always in our prayers.