Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Play day and track and field

So apparently it pays to be one of the youngest in the class.  Our school does a special play day for grades K-2, which involves outdoor activities and games and then racing in the afternoon.  The grades 3 and up do track to qualify for regionals.  They do this by age and gender.  Ivan was one of 3 kids who started the year as a 7 year old in grade 3.  All the others were 8.  The other 7 year olds are all in grade 2, so they don't do track.

He got to pick 5 events to try to qualify in.  One of the other age 7 boys did not make it that day.  So in a couple of events he was the lone contestant and came away with 1st!  In the others, he beat the one other boy and also got 1st!  So he got 5 ribbons for 1st and will compete in regionals on Friday against all the other younger boys.  Unfortunately, I'm doing a double session at the library that day, so I may miss quite a bit of it- ugh- but I'm hoping to catch some of the action!

Dominique also got a 1st.  She's pretty fast and tall and lanky- so I can easily see track in her future.

Here's our super athlete of the hour--- Ivan in long jump.

Dominique about to face off with the other 6 year olds.  She just raced against 3 other girls I think.  They ran them in small groups.  I got to give out ribbons last year and it's pretty tricky figuring out who was 1st, 2nd, 3rd...

Ivan and his loot!  Such a lucky guy.

Dominique also got to do a hoola hoop race with a partner.  They got 4th.

She acted happy enough there, which I was so proud of her for, but at home we had some aftermath from the placing of 4th!  She may have a bit of a competitive streak in her.

Emora and I got to watch and cheer all day, Brian got to see some of it too.  By the end, she was wanting to race too, so I had here race me and guess what- she got first too!

More pics to follow tomorrow.  Brian got some great shots of his high jump.

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GMS said...

All three are looking so much more grown-up. Time goes by so fast, doesn't it?