Saturday, May 25, 2013

jumping over the valley

The Sinclairs have become sweet friends to us.  We first met Eleanor, Paul's mother, not in person, but via her book we picked up while out on a date.  She chronicled growing up in a farming family and living in Fort Qu'Appelle.  We had often driven by her home overlooking the valley while living with the Koops'  A weekend or so ago we got to go for a bit of a visit while Brian was laid out sick in bed.  It was good to good the noisy trio out of the house so he could try to recover.

  It's always so fun to see the valley from a different hill.  I'd love to climb each one of these hills some day.  Everyone of them gives a slightly different view.  I love how their shapes can become familiar to me and how their colors change ever so much as the seasons progress.

They can see two of the lakes from their yard and the kids loved jumping on the trampoline and jumping from the balcony onto the trampoline.  OK, the smaller girls didn't like that part so much!

Ayako and the 3 kids are heading to Japan to visit her family for 2 months!  Ivan is in mourning and they haven't even left yet!

He asks me repeatedly each day if Ayako knows how to e-mail him and that he needs to e-mail them while they are gone.

Thankfully they won't be gone all summer long!

The boys were saying how terribly HOT it was (it wasn't all that hot- very windy actually), but they have to show off some too!  The mesh wall to the side was added a year ago or so because the wind ripped part of the house's roof off one year!  The wind can be so strong here and then everyone seems to get hit with congestion and respiratory probs and infections... but thankfully we just got a good rain and it settled down the dust a bit.  Not sure how things will settle for Ivan with his buds gone.  I'm glad they will at least be back for part of summer.

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Anonymous said...

That is part of growing up: letting go, even if it is only for 2 months. Tell him his auntie is away for her family and friends for much much much longer. Friends are still friends no matter where they are because they are friends in our hearts and minds.